Suggestions for the Classroom Teacher

Help build the student's self-image

A. Find a way for the student to contribute to the class in areas of his special talents
  1. Art projects
  2. Building three-dimensional projects
  3. Hobbies
  4. Demonstrations
  5. Mechanical projects
  6. Oral reports
B. Stress verbal participation
  1. Reduce reading load
  2. Grade oral work in addition to written
  3. Decrease the amount of written work in favor of oral
  4. Call on student to read aloud only when he/she volunteers
  5. Ask student to listen to information and report orally on a specific topic
  6. Substitute oral reports for written assignments whenever possible
  7. Allow oral and untimed testing whenever possible
  8. Provide a "reader" and/or "secretary" for tests which cannot be given orally

Communicate with the child

A. Make directions simple and brief
  1. Question the student briefly to make sure he understands
  2. Give only one step at a time
  3. Give examples
  4. Encourage the student to ask questions, and treat each question patiently

B. Break assignments into steps

  1. Have someone write the student's assignments
  2. Help the student organize and get started
  3. Help the student schedule long assignments
C. Allow the student more time to think

Make special accommodations when needed

A. Provide memory aids

B. Provide visual reminders or examples

C. Allow the student to tape record lectures and test reviews

D. Provide audio tapes of content area textbooks

E. Allow sub-vocalizing

  1. Name each letter before writing it
  2. For spelling: repeat word, spell orally, write

F. Allow the student to write larger than normal if necessary

Maintain a positive atmosphere

A. Grade abilities instead of disabilities
  1. Grade verbal performance more than written
  2. Give credit for effort and time spent
  3. Mark correct instead of incorrect answers
  4. Give the student opportunities to perform tasks where he/she will be assured of success
  5. Try to remove undue pressure
  6. Make encouraging remarks whenever possible

B. Remember that these students are capable in many areas, but have specific problems and deserve special consideration

C. Think of this student as a foreigner who has just moved here, and does not yet have a good command of the language skills

Enlist co-operation of parents

A. Encourage them to form a parent support group for sharing information as well as help

B. Encourage parents to read homework to student

C. Help parents structure student's homework, with a definite time, place, and schedule

D. Make parents aware of the need for structure in student's daily life

E. Encourage parents to provide opportunities for student to discover and develop his/her unique talents

F. Help parents develop a positive attitude and understanding of their child's worth


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