What strengths are we likely to see in the Dyslexic?

  1. He/she is highly creative: Dr. Ann McGee-Cooper says creativity is the process of linking previously unrelated ideas, processes, people or things. The creative are good at finding new ways to do old things. In Literature he may excel in writing stories, books, songs, and scripts. Younger ones will need someone to take their dictation and will eventually want to use a word processor. He is a talented problem solver, excelling as an inventor, builder, diplomat, negotiator, coordinator, or specialist-teacher. Artistic creativity may appear in the form of drawing, painting, sculpting, landscaping, interior decorating or architecture. Opportunities for the creative in the Performing Arts are limitless. He may be an outstanding actor, director, producer, singer, dancer, radio announcer, DJ, choreographer, mime, juggler, comedian. Good sense of humor. Comedic material and timing may be exceptional.

  2. Likes, understands, and enjoys helping people. Feels and may anticipate their emotions. Would be excellent in sales and marketing, politics, teaching, chamber of commerce, public relations, therapist, social work, medicine, counselor.

  3. Is much more likely to excel in sports as an individual competetor, works better with self than on a team. Strength may be found in diving, swimming, skating, gymnastics, track, golf, fishing, rifle, archery, mountain climbing, exploring, vehicle racing (car, boat, bicycle, go-cart, etc.).

  4. Is fascinated by and understands animals, plants and other living things. Would make an excellent trainer, veterinarian, cattleman, livestock judge, nurseryman, landscape artists, biologist.

  5. Mechanically inclined. May have difficulty telling time but can fix a broken clock. Wants to know how things work and what it takes to repair them or make them better. May be a great electrician or mechanical engineer.

  6. Enjoys working with hands. Likes building things. Younger ones may construct cities and waterways in a dirt or sand box, build "forts" from sticks and scrap wood or "pillow houses" in the house. Older ones may enjoy assembling models from Legos, tinker toys, brissle blocks and other types of kits. May like cooking, would be an excellent gourmet chef. May become a building contractor or sub contractor doing anything from carpentry, sheetrock, texturing, painting, wallpapering, brick laying, carpeting, etc.

  7. Scientific thinker. Very curious and observant. Wants in-depth information on whatever interests him. Prefers to gain knowledge by observation or experimentation.

  8. A good motivater. Has high energy and enthusiasm. Is open minded and sensitive to the ideas and feelings of others.


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