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Note: This site was developed and written by J-F Services, and is not sanctioned by or affliated with "The International Dyslexia Association" or the "Austin Area Branch of The International Dyslexia Association". Our intent is to offer information and help to those that are not receiving the proper remediation in their school district and/or are requiring information on available services.

WHAT is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a disorder which makes it difficult for individuals of average or above average intelligence to read, write, and spell and sometimes to compute, organize, and comprehend material in their native language. It often runs in families and may be caused by naturally occurring brain differences. Many individuals learn to compensate for or practically overcome their weaknesses through proper teaching methods and practice.

CHARACTERISTICS that May Accompany Dyslexia

WHO has Dyslexia?

National Institutes of Health publications estimate that as many as 15% of us are dyslexic. Dyslexia occurs among all groups, regardless of race, age, or income. Many successful people are dyslexic. Many famous people from history are thought to have been dyslexic, based on their own and their families' memoirs. Recent research has established that it is familial. A parent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle or grandparent may have had the same problems.

What STRENGTHS May Dyslexics Have?

What to DO if You Think Your Child is Dyslexic

SUGGESTIONS for the Classroom Teacher

How to JOIN The International Dyslexia Association



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